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Owasco 9/5


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Started fishing this morning around 7 in 130 fow at the north end. Started off slow but as the sun came up the riggers took all the fish down 38' over 130-150 small scorpion stingers with purple and copper backs 3 rainbows two were nice size about 7lbs then one small one and a laker pulled lines around 9:30 2.2-2.3 on the gps seemed to be the bestpost-150201-14730850841368_thumb.jpgpost-150201-14730850926443_thumb.jpgpost-150201-14730851030657_thumb.jpg

All were released to get bigger

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Also got out before dinner for an hour. This time I went all the way south and started by the little launch that's down on the west side. Stayed deep in 150-160 just headed north the whole time and ended 3/5 with two lakers about 6-7lbs and a small bow all on the rigger down 44 with a Michigan stinger scorpion jäger bomb 2.2-2.4 gps

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I did an afternoon troll on Sept 7th from about 4:30-6:30. Lots of rec boaters out in the heat. Did I mention it was hot ?

I set up near the weather ? buoy running spoons 30-50. I marked several good pods of bait, but no hits. I circled back through , but the bait had moved. I kept on going north, but no hits.

I used a variety of stingers, and a couple of stick baits on riggers, 7 color lead, and a dipsy. Speed was 2.1-2.6 gps.

I marked a fair quantity of fish, and saw more deep stuff (80-100) than I have I have in the past. Even the bait seemed to be a little deeper, 30-60. Fleas were a problem, and I didnt see anyone else trolling.

Next time !

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