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Haywire last trip of 2016 with Momma n Tommy

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Well the fish didnt cooperate like yesterday but he got to drive the boat while i broke down. Had a good lunch and alot of laughs with my boy amd my lovly wife. Happy Labor Day to all my fellow LOU rs, its people lile us that makes the world function. I tell ya im pumpd for 2019 when we are wrenchn Kings and Steelys that me and Tommy fed for the Pen Rearing. Best thing for a kid and honestly it opend my eyes to how delicate and how much work goes into sustaining are fisherie. Iv met people through LOU and the Pen Rearing that have become friends in my personal life that is the best part of all of this. Dont get me wrong catchin a 44 inch Male Salmon 2 weeks ago with Capt Bob on Sunrise 2 is a dream come true but its the people. We are all Brothers and Sisters out there and God Bless forbid when the Boat breaks down we are all there for each other. I love comin home and tellin Tommy well we got a few and we got 1 that we were feeding! And he tells me "O how was he doing and you let him go right?" lol. Today i told him buddy we got Skunkd but ya know what that means? He said No what? I said your first Lake Fish os still out there and getting BIGGER! He told me OH thats cool! Everyone have a safe and awesome Holiday Season, Hunting season and my fellow Snowmobilers keep the shiny side up!

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