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Sold / Closed J-PLUGS & more (Squids, Hoochie's, Tyg-r-fly, etc)

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I have 12 boxes of USED J-plugs PLUS other gear (scroll down the page!) for sale.  I need to get this out of my house and hope they go to good homes.

The more you buy, they more I will work with you on shipping.  Feel free to private message me and make an offer - especially if you want a lot.  But be sure to be specific about which items you are referring to.  Let me know if you need more photos.


PAYPAL preferred.  Sales are final.  Contact me via PM and MAKE ME AN OFFER!


ALL 12 boxes of USED J-Plugs are SOLD!


I have two large 2-sided tackle boxes - approximately 12" x 14" x 5". -SOLD


18 Coho Tyg-R-Fly - various colors  $40 takes all and includes shipping.

post-161402-0-33737200-1473288853_thumb.jpg post-161402-0-76644800-1473288892_thumb.jpg


8 Martin Salmon Squid in original packages.  $20 for all 8, shipped to you.



Spin-N-Glos   - SOLD


Make an offer on these boxes - A through i.

Box A  Hoochie's

post-161402-0-01754100-1473290283_thumb.jpg post-161402-0-78200200-1474050845_thumb.jpg

Box B

post-161402-0-42141100-1473290350_thumb.jpg [post-161402-0-78504500-1474051140_thumb.jpg

Box C  I have a lot of squids if you are interested.


Box D


Box E


Box F


Box G  Squids


Box H


Box i


another photo of lower section



Last but not least,

If you're looking for used rods & reels, I have those as well so drop me a PM about them if you're interested.

Many thanks for looking.  If you think my pricing is off, please make a reasonable offer.

***  Due to many inquiries, I am posting the rods and reels on a different post called RODS & REELS.  So please take a look there.


Edited by FranksFishing

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Hi Frank, I take box 7 & 8 and the two boxes. How do you ship? Paypal ok? Where are you located? My son is going up to Mexico to fish and may be able to pickhp.

Thanks, I'm new to this site so I'm sorry if I should know some of this.

;) ed

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Lake Ontario United mobile app

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I have gotten quite a few PM replies and inquiries about this gear.  I have decided it will be easier to post the rods and reels which I will do within a couple hours.  Then you'll know what I have.  I also will reply to each PM.  Thanks for your interest and patience.

And, no, I am not local so will need to ship stuff.  

Again, thanks.

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Frank  you said out of state? 


I get around


Where are you located.


Dr W

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