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canandaigua 9-6-16


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Trolled from 1st point point north of Woodville 6.5 miles north. Got one small rainbow on a small stinger spoon!


Ran with 2 riggers and sliders, 2 dipsies, and one lead core in the middle, Washed a lot of lures, all on the west


side. Any helpfull thoughts would be welcome. Thanks guys.


Jerry Sz

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Things should pick up  when the water temps drop. We need some cool nights without these 90 degree days. Yesterday the surface temp was almost 80 degrees.  The suggestion of Cayuga was a valid one right now :)

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As a life long Canadagua native [lived on the lake as a kid ] I can tell you several tricks ..


The guys that always had fish either pulled copper with a phluger spoon or ran a seth green rig with 4 or even 5 leads .


I did well when Down riggers came out by pulling a flasher followed by a Saw Belly on a hemlock spinner from Suttons in Naples.


IF I were fishing that end of the lake today I would start at the white rock and pull that exact set up and look for the bait schools and fish that depth 


Canandaigua lake has lots of Browns and lakers and a few good Rainbows.


Night fishing always produced well too.


Dr W

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