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Olcott to the bar the 8th through the 10th

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Well what a trip! Thursday arrived to Olcott put the boat in and started fishing. Landed our first King an hr after the trip started and that was it for Thursday with pretty bad rain storms moving in that afternoon. Upon returning to Olcott I got some great info from Kurt from Stalker charters. Which is much appreciated he promoted the fishery and pointed us west. Well west we went the next morning setting up around four mile creek to the east edge of the bar. Best king bite I have ever experienced. We boated 20 plus Kings and I would say had 35 bites with various doubles and triples. Maybe a quad along the way. We started with braid divers on the outside and wires on the inside and two riggers. All with spin doctors and flies. Braid divers were out 300 and wires 240. Riggers down around a 100ft. Color didn't really matter but a hammer time spiny with a crazy b flie on the rigger was the best but it didn't matter anything would of worked. Most fish came in bunches. Saturday we went back out with the same program and went 4/12 on kings and went in about 11am. We could not keep them hooked up and yes my hooks were sharp and each guy on the boat struggled. The amount of fish is awesome with good bait scattered. Nothing like a big king smashing a wire diver. I could not believe the fish on our graph there was times there might of been 30 plus hooks on our Helix graph on Friday. It seemed on Saturday a lot of the fish moved up in the water column.

I am a walleye guy from Erie (Dunkirk area) and I love Lake Ontario. The Kings are such an amazing fish. I think I would of left area after college but the outdoor experience of fishing and hunting is phenomenal. Can't wait till May and Team Dances with Fish and our 2nd shot at the WHI. After last years event I need to learn how to target them kings deeper in the water column. Till next year folks.


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