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Convector 20D


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I found Okuma Convector 20D reel on sale for 99 dollars here in Canada. The majority of our reels at 30's, 45's and 55's. Our current downrigger reels are 30's but I'd like to use these for different set ups.


My question is, are the 20D reels suitable for downrigger reels? I believe they will hold plenty of line - they say 201yds of 20lb test - gear ratio is 5.0.1. I believe.



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I've been running 20's for years and never had a problem. I fish the east end of the lake where the fish are sometimes as deep as 180ft and I've never been spooled. Not even close. I personally like the high speed retrieve which is why I went with them to begin with and then the small size makes them even more desirable. I even run them with a 2 and a 5 color core on it.

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I have 6 20's but I only use them for spring .. love them but after this year I had two fish take me out to 750ft +of line( mono)...if I wasn't using a 30 series reel I woulda been spooled ....but I do like how light and the ratio is definitely better than the 30's

I suppose there's no reason u couldn't put 200ft of mono on and back them with braid though

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