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Mexico Bay Final Trip

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Well as much as I hated to do it, the boat went on the trailer and headed home for the season. I won't say it was the best season fishing but I can't complain and certainly marked more fish this year than in the past few. There's still plenty of fish out there to be caught and stream fishing steelhead is right around the corner. Now it's time to start chasing the elusive whitetail once again. Good luck to all still fishing and to those who venture into the woods. Good Lord willing we'll be back again next year.

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Lost 3 of my best sets. Never had salmon break main line before (40 lb). We boated , net bumped 1 at the back of the boat, missed 4 and hooked up with 3 monsters that all broke main lines. I lost meat market, ice house, and 11" green flasher pulling meat, that one we saw the monster coho jumping 3' out of the water 100 yds behind the boat. 200 worth of gear gone, but what a day.

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