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fished oswego sunday and caught one 25.5 lb king. he took a hammer fly off a white/chrome flasher about 85ft down over 180 FOW. after that we got very wet. no roof and no canvas. also had 2 first timers on the boat. oops.

i am very new to ontario so i basically go right in front of oswego harbor and troll from 100FOW straight out to 300 FOW and then turn around and troll in. i have downriggers but no lead core lines and no planner boards. i have never caught anything other than kings. not even one laker or brown. wednesday i'm going fishing with another first timer. anyone have any advice? i seem to catch one king and one king only every time i go out. i would be happy with that but would love to catch a few and maybe a few browns also. the first timer going with me has never caught anything bigger than a 5lb bass in his life. sarting early isn't a problem. we usually get the the marina around 4am. should we try shallow water early for browns? if so, whats the best tactic? or should we just go for kings the whole day?

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the same thing will work in front of oswego, bury a cannonball on the bottom in 80 to 100 fow. people were doing very well on the browns that way last weekend. I have good luck on a nk28 blue dolphin this time of year that way.

Good luck.

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