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Kicker steering to I/o

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I recently got a kicker to put on my 26'striper boat and it has a 350 I/O, How will it be best to hook up steering for this???

With the main motor off, there will be no power steering, also this is a cable steer boat???

The kicker is a honda with remote controls.

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You'll fight the steering on your main while it's off to maneuver the boat while trolling... aren't there electric/hydraulic units you can install and your kicker can maintain enough alternator output to keep your battery bank in check while trolling? Sounds like a problem there has to be a good solution for. There's also the option of standalone kicker steering systems. Garmin TR1 Gold, Octopus Drive System, etc.. not cheap and also not bullet proof.

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Yes I know - and if you tie your kicker to the main I/O via an EZSteer, I was explaining the types of issues you would encounter.


Like I said... the standalone options are not cheap, and they are not bulletproof.  Have heard a lot of problems with them particularly on bigger/heavier boats.  (i.e. the pumps burn up...)  I'm sure a lot has to do with initial set-up calibration so that the system isn't constantly over correcting unnecessarily.


Have heard better user reviews on the Octopus drive systems than the Garmin.  Good luck in your winter project... boat work is fun, expensive, and frustrating :)

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