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A Tough Question To Answer: "Does Your Boat Scare The Fish?"

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I ran across this Boat US article from last year.




It actually raises more questions than it gives answers. I just thought it would be a good subject to talk about here to discuss the various areas of concern that were brought up in the article and possibly other thoughts related to this subject. If LOU members can bring in their experiences or point to any research or articles related to this subject, maybe we can find some answers to some of the questions.

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I have a recent experience to share. We were trolling for walleye in the central basin of Lake Erie using a bow mount trolling motor running on electric only at 2.0 mph using dipsy divers and downriggers pulling worm harnesses near the bottom in 40 fow. We were getting skunked and the trolling motor batteries ran out of juice. I switched over to the main motor and the fish turned on despite running the same speed. If we'd gone faster on the main motor, I'd say we were going too slow with the trolling motor, but this was not the case that day. We picked up six fish in the next two hours. I have no idea whether the propulsion method is what made the difference, but I assume the TM is much quieter than than the main motor.

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Interesting topic.


I would like to contribute after noting that there has been already  a similar concern raised about sound and vibration.


Over time, I have been lowly modifying my boat with this in mind.  I have pool noodles in seat pedestals and have used them to surround my batteries. I have remounted my internal battery charger on a foam rubber base. I intend to remount my rigger and other equipment on to a rubber base.  I have used pipe wrap to partially cover my rigger boom. I note in Florida anglers wrap a cut tennis ball around their rigger line believing that this cuts down on unnecessary vibration/sound. My kicker 's transom is covered with a rubber mat. I have found after exploring with a magnet the odd loose bolt or pop rivet/ piece of wire rolling around on top of the aluminum under my sub floor.  In addition I have tested and tightened a few screws and bolts when I found them loose.


Has it made a difference?  I can only say that while it has been hard to measure ; I feel more confident after doing it.

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Depending on the trolling depth may effect the results, how far dose sound travel thru water.? 

Sound can be used as a attractant for multiple fish species ( seems as though i have read this ) 

If so, than the generator for sound waves, if controlled tones matter could make a difference.

I think I will try to lower some water proof speakers, we can try different types of music or rhythm patterns 

to establish best results per species. This combined with Cannons EONS may be what we are all looking for.

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