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I fished tuesday. Caught one around 36" but I only stayed out for an hour, wind was blowing 20+ out of the south and it got rough. Didnt see anyone else out

wind was tough tuesday. I saw four boats and one other yak out. Weather channel missed the wind forecast by about 20 mph. It was tough out there,had to stick tight to the causeway.

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Definitely enough to launch, but keep in mind millions of gallons of water are pumped out every day for drinking water in Syracuse so it doesn't fill up nearly as fast as you might think...as of last Wednesday it isn't up a foot from the low water point which was in mid October. The worst it's been in the last 50 years was a year like this but we had almost no snowfall the following winter and it was 3 feet low in spring and at the end of summer there was NO pond side at all and no north end. Let's hope that never happens again! I've had several reports of solid days casting from several customers who have been out this fall for tigers. As awesome as fishing was this year one can only hope for another great season. Good luck to all you diehards!

Justin Okrepki

NYSDEC licensed guide #7324



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