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Any skaneateles updates?


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Heading over to skn this weekend for a few days of fishing. Any reports of recent activity?

I've been catching pickerel, perch n Rockies on the south end in the mooring buoy lines by kayak recently.

But getting the boat back out there with the FF for the first time in a while. Did the lake flip yet?? Where are the silvers?

Any info would be helpful. I'll post a report Saturday or Sunday.

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Nice one. Our fishing weekend was good. Lots of perch in 10-30 fow. Lakers hitting spoons n jigs in 30-45 fow. Nothing huge.

My bro in law hooked up a Salmon or bow it took off n never stopped. Took his lure and 200 feet of line right off the reel. A pickerel or two. That's all. No top water success trolling a few weeks yet.

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Is anyone allowed to launch there?  Seasonal or all year around?  How about icefishing there (if we get ice)? thanks....jk

jk, there is also Seveys boat launch across the lake and a little south. I have never been there but they have a website. that would get you in that area in a boat to fish.
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Parked at the top of the hill and hiked down to Lourdes yesterday. I think I was the only human for about a mile in every direction. It was absolute serenity. Just me, a few quackers, honkers, and a cople of crows.




The sun even made an appearance,




Caught my limit, threw 2 bows back, kept one and the 2 salmon.




What a terrible morning, :rofl:

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