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Arby's and Venison


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I saw the Arby's commercials on the outdoor channel but it said nothing other than "we have the meats" with a buck peaking in at a few sandwiches.




Fast-food chain Arby’s will begin testing venison sandwiches in select markets by the end of the month, the company announced Tuesday.

Arby's venison sandwich features a thick-cut venison steak and crispy onions with a berry sauce on a toasted roll, according to the company.

The new sandwich will be offered for a limited time at 17 Arby’s restaurants across the country. According to the company, the locations were chosen in heavy deer hunting areas in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Georgia.


The sandwich is part of Arby’s “It’s Meats Season†campaign, which celebrates the start of hunting season. Maybe those trying the sandwich didn't have any luck this season.

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the problem is that all game sold in restaurants are from game farms, which have been documented as the primary problem with regard to Chronic Wasting Disease (animals are too densely populated there, CWD spreads among them, and they escape or communicate CWD through the fences.) In addition, farm-raised venison doesn't taste nearly as good as wild venison because the latter eats close to 200 different plants. One can "taste the woods" in a wild animal; not in a farm-raised one.


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Although it is cool to see, I'll bet money my venison steak sandwiches will blow Arby's out of the water!

I'll say the same, my kids dive into my sandwiches!! All the juices that come of the meat onions, peppers, plus the real butter I use to sauté the veggies and meat go into a sauce which seals the deal. I'm sure others have a little trick under their hat that suites their family. Mine wasn't my idea it's been handed down through the generations. JakeyBaby I'll bet your absolutely correct anyone who goes through the process to make chip steak knows what they want out of that piece of meat. I often said its all fun and games till you pull the trigger, now the work begins!! LOL. I wouldn't have it any other way!!

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Arby’s sells out of venison sandwich on first day in Nashville.


The Arby's on Rosa Parks Blvd. sold out of venison sandwiches on the first day, effectively ending a promotion that was scheduled to continue through Nov. 3. The Nashville store was the first of 17 locations in the country to offer the venison sandwich special.

"We stuck a nerve, in a good way, with hunters," said Luke DeRouen of Arby's, confirming that the Nashville location went through more than 250 sandwiches in 5 hours. "Some people drove from an hour away to try it," he said.

The promotion now moves to Atlanta later in the week and then on to Wisconsin and Minnesota.

The venison comes from farm-raised red deer in New Zealand because the USDA won't allow restaurants to sell wild-harvested animals.

"Everyone thought we we were going to serve shaved venison," said Luke DeRouen, Arby's senior director of brand communications, who was in town for the sandwich launch. Instead, the company chose 5.5-ounce cuts of top and bottom round steak.


According to DeRouen, the steaks are cooked sous vide (vacuum-sealed and slow-cooked in hot water baths) at 135 F for 3.5 hours, shipped to the restaurants for reheating and served with a Cabernet sauce seasoned with crushed juniper berries and crispy fried onions on top.

The sandwich is part of a promotion to meld Arby's "We have the meat" slogan with "It's meat season" to attract customers that hunt. The Nashville store is even wrapped in a camouflage motif.

Arby's limited the sale to two sandwiches per customer, and after only an hour and 15 minutes on Saturday, the MetroCenter store had already sold 100.

Corey Smith, a local lunch customer, thought he would plunk down five bucks for a sandwich and give it a try. "It has good flavor, but it's a little tough," said Smith, who's no stranger to venison with a family of hunters.

My verdict: To be fair, most steak sandwiches are a bit toothsome, and I was pleasantly surprised to find this one more tender than expected. The flavor was good, and the tangy sauce worked to balance the meat, which had just a hint of gaminess. My my biggest complaint was with the texture, which was too mealy for my taste. Rating: 5 antler points (out of 8).

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