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Otisco Lake Public Launch Coming


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Otisco Lake boat launch update: NY State gets 19 acres for $1

From Syracuse.com this AM

A total of 19 acres owned by the Onondaga County Water Authority is being handed over to the state Department of Environmental Conservation for its use as a state boat launch on Otisco Lake.

Jeff Brown, an OCWA spokesman, said "the transaction was finalized" between his agency and the DEC this past June. The agreed upon sale prize, which was approved by the OCWA board, was $1, he said.

The land is located on the southwestern side of the lake, south of the causeway.

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What size boat will this launch be able to handle? I thought that end is shallow? I was never there, so going off of what I thought I read about Otisco. With 19 acres there should be ample parking?

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I also hope they put in a launch. But that end as previously mentioned gets extremely shallow. This summer it would have been dry by Labor Day. It could be a hand launch for yaks and small boats but I don't see any way to put in a full launch for big boats unless they dredge a channel clear through The Cut in the Causeway. It will be interesting to see what they do. I believe Otisco is really a reservoir for OCWA to draw water as needed. Add to that some dry weather like this summer and the south end dries up.

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