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Getting the kids out more this year.

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That's the best post I've read today!! Congrats Dad for taking the time and having the patients to introduce the younger generation to the outdoors. I know it's much easier when they're your own, and your expectations need to be set a little lower. LOL I took my 2 daughters crow hunting figuring that's pretty easy hunting, if you can stay still and stay under cover. Once the crows came they wanted to see what's going on, well that setup didn't go well as they picked the girls up rubber necking around so they could see the birds. So off we go to the next place and on the way I explained, the crows have very good eye sight and can see in color, you must pick a place that hides you but you can see out enough to get a shot or to off. They did much better and I managed to knock one down. Know there really pumped to get to the next area. We came across a couple of fields that had a huge migratory flock in it, we set up and put the MOJO Crow out with a couple decoys out I no sooner hit the FoxPro crow&owl fight, I used the first crow and set my owl in a tree with the crow spread out and here they came right in amongst the trees!! I took my 4-10 with #5 shells along and one sat in a tree no 50ft from us I gave Emily the gun, like I showed you before, put the bead right on the neck area and pull the trigger. She shot and the feathers flew and out of the tree the crow fell. We walked over to get the crow, I said well how do you feel you shot your first crow? She was shaking so bad she couldn't speak, I laughed like hell, Emy you shot a crow not your first buck, I like it a lot I want to go more, well we go more but it's getting near 10:00am, let's pack it in for this trip, we don't want to educate the crows anymore. They are very smart, you'll see when we go more often. Elizabeth was fine just going with, I told her if you want we will do one more set up, she said no on the next time I want to shoot. So I guess I got my two buddy crow hunters!! We left the house at 6:30am got back 11:45 am. Mom couldn't believe it well here's the proof 2 crows, she's still not thrilled about it yet.

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I understand. I have to use dynamite to get my son out of bed to hunt and fish. My daughter, on the other hand pops up like it's Christmas.

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My one daughter pops out of bed and in 10 minutes she's ready. While the other one pokes around, drives us crazy, but she's getting better!!! I don't want to give her any shyt and discourage her any. The other sister gets her cranked up enough LOL

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