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Steel shot

Kevin J Legg

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Just picked up a case of Winchester Xpert 3" steel shot at Gander Mountain. They give you 10% off on a case so the cost was $12.15 a box. I have used these for quite a while and in my opinion they preform well, at least in my gun. Speed is equal or faster than most of the premium shells that cost twice as much or more. Shooting alongside some buddies that use higher price shells I haven't really notice any significant difference. I also have researched comparison and there seems to be minimal difference. Just my opinion as I know many prefer the premium loads.

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I've used this as well. Great cripple loads but I think that I will stick with the Federal Blackcloud loads only due to the fact that the cutting ring makes a huge difference to me. When I hit a goose and it hits the water, it looks like a scene from Jaws. My cripple number is now less than 10% of birds harvested.

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Those xperts are great for shooting birds at respectable ranges. I shoot the Winchester blindside most often because i get them for same price as xperts with a plastic shell container but all the fancy stuff is for the rich and the skybusters. Keep em within 35yards and youll see no difference


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