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You can't lock onto somebody and tell their exact location

Are you stating fact or opinion? I am not 100% sure but I recall reading an article about this subject and I believe the technology exists. It seems pretty invasive tho even if its application would be for the protection of property..... Im sure it would not take long to fall into the wrong hands and be misused. This is probably why the technology has not been leveraged in some application.

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Chautauqua county, Arkwright Bard road/ Burnham road area.

Just an FYI if any of you guys hunt this area or know anyone who hunts this area tell them lock their stands. I've had a total of 4 stands stolen this year all right before gun season. But the heavy two man stand way back in the woods that I wouldn't mind them taking because it weighs a ton they left. My fault for not locking them up for the past ten years.

A bit off topic but maybe I can prevent someone else from having a bad day/ week!

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Locks only keep honest people out unfortunately!

Unfortunately this is true, but there have been stands stolen in our neck of the woods and believe it or not it isn't our fellow hunting buddies. I was asked to keep an eye on a stand that a very nice man gave me permission to hunt his land. He owns a winery, and deer aren't his best freind, one day I drove up to where I sit and I noticed these younger, say teenagers hiding in the fence row so I got my binoculars out and sure as shyt they had the top sections down all ready, so I drove over that way and they ran away from the road, I thought that was odd, seeing that all the parts were still there I hightailed it to the only blacktop road that's closest to the property. There sat a beater of a car import. I think it was a bunch of kids that were going to steal it for dope money!! I called the owner and he stayed with the car untill the cops showed up, the cars tag didn't go with the auto and it was impounded by the state police. If I wouldn't have got a wild hair brain idea, his stand would have been stolen for sure, and not by another hunter. Younger gen. People driven by drugs, you could tell just by their appearance!! Sucks

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