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Question about dipsey diver

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i also like the walkers for deep trolling , ( no rings and easy adjustable ). the chinooks are ok  but a little of pain to set up , don't like taking off the front weight to adjust and they have sharp edges . ( deburring edges needed ) . last season i used the u charters lite bite slide divers . can get kits to make them regs or mags divers . i ran them on wire with 75 to 100 feet of braid splice in , like the stealth presentation , when running spoons i add 10 foot of fluorocarbon line to the braid . 

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Minion and fisherdude mentioned something that may be important to keep in the back of your mind too and that is the rough edges of the Chinook disks. Although I have never personally experienced a problem with this I know there have been previous posts on here mentioning what they thought were line abrasions coming from those rough edges. I've had my Chinook divers for awhile so I don't know whether this has been "corrected" or not. I did mention it to the guy  that I think manufactures them at the show in Niagara Falls last year though.

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