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Double Day


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What a day yesterday was.

I took my mom out with the rifle in the Northern Zone to try and get her a shot at a buck.

So at daylight a small buck goes by me, looked like a 4 point. Then at 7:30 she shoots and it sounds like she had a good shot by the way she described it. So I told her I would stop over at 9 and track him out.

At 8:30 I catch some movement and then I see nothing for 10 minutes. Then out steps a nice 9 point. He gave me plenty of time for a good shot and I thought long and hard about filling my last buck tag. Since he was about the biggest I have ever seen on my land I decided to shoot. He went just out of sight and crashed. I tracked him out. Then I went over to my mom and tracked her buck out. It was a 4 point, not the same buck I passed on though. I was proud of her for making a good shot.

It was such a nice day I decided to go back in and get my 4 year old son for a little tracking.



He helped me load them up.



It was an awesome day. Just perfect weather, 2 clean kills, and a fun time with my mom and son.


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That is an incredible story!! And a family packed with the outdoors, mom and son & at the same time grandma and grandson, you are truely blessed to have a tight nit family that enjoys the outdoors!! I doubt there will be any backstraps in the fry pan tonight,LOL congrats to your family's hunt!! PAP

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I loved it! What a great story. Your son takes the prize though. He looks like a tracking machine!


My Mom used to hunt a little bit, but now every year it's the same, "I'm not sure I'm going to hunt this year...I didn't even get my license". I hate to burst her bubble, so I'm not going to tell her that sitting outside during gun season once or twice twenty years ago doesn't qualify her as a hunter or lead to the expectation that she will hunt every year  :rofl: .


Too bad though. Hunting is a game the whole family can play.

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Thanks everyone. It was a day I won't forget.


It was fun re-tracking out the bucks with my son. It was hilarious when we got really close to the deer and he just kept tracking and looking at the ground. He was 10' away before he realized the deer was there and his reaction was priceless.

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