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I dont know about you guys but I watch a lot of fishing videos on Youtube, and one of my favorites in Lake Fork Guy. Hes out of Texas and mainly fishes for bass, but a few weeks ago he was in NY trying some steelhead fishing. I happened to be on Cattaraugus creek the same day as he was and recognized him and made the cut into his video. Now that im famous I wont have time to post reports or anything else. LOL. He really loved New York's scenery and recognized how difficult steelhead fishing in the tributaries truely is.






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I'm like you as well Kilians. One of my fav lakeforkguy vids is when the bass bite was totally off even on a school and he switched tatics. Threw on a GIANT flutter spoon and started boating giants ! Of course in Texas bass dont "hibernate" so they get much bigger and plenty of them. Thanks for sharing the vid !

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