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On Gaurd!

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    • Skeg gaurd/saver?

      Hello, just broke a few inches off my skeg backing the boat out the driveway. Nothing to serious but was wondering if anyone knows where I can get one of those skeg gaurds to put on until I get it fixed. Its an Alpha one outdrive. Im in Fayetteville just east of Syaracuse. Leaving town Sunday with the boat so need something ASAP. West Maine will have to order one and looks like it won't be in on time. Any ideas? Thank in advance..

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    • Steersman Steering Gaurd

      From the website: "There are two kinds of boaters. Those who have had steering problems and those who will. Cable steering failures are rarely caused by the front part of the cable. Unless a cable has a "suicide bend" in it, failures at the helm end are caused by strain created at the aft end, where contaminants can enter. Even with a stainless steel tilt tube, the carbon steel cable begins to rust and expand inside the sheath. As friction increases, more pressure is placed on the entire cable

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