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Kicker motor question

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I have a 24' walk around and was wondering what size kicker I need to move it at appropriate trolling speed

I have my eye on a 2010 merc 8hp 4 stroke but I'm not sure if that will be enough motor

Thanks in advance

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I had a 15 hp Honda on my 25 ft Wellcraft. It would troll in anything. Smaller ponds and pick your days type fishing you could probably get away with an 8 hp high thrust. Personally I would go with a 15 especially for Lake Ontario. I've never heard anybody complain about having a few extra HP on the big pond.

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A 4 stroke 9.9 (9.8 depending on manufacturer) will do for normal trolling and it is possibly all you'd need for most Finger Lakes fishing but if you are fishing Lake O you may want to consider a 15 horse instead.  Considering the weight of a 24 ft. boat and particular hull design a 9.9 may be working harder to push it which may long term affect the life span of the motor. The more important consideration is the other function of a kicker motor - auxilliary power in an emergency. If or when your main motor should quit (usually in the worst weather too) no matter what size kicker you have you'll wish it was bigger :lol:  I'm not sure all the 4 strokes in terms of physical size/weight diffeences but the older 2 stroke 9.9 and 15 horse motor were identical just had different carburation. If you go with all the bells and whistles (e.g electric start power trim/tilt, extra long shaft etc. these plush models can be substantially heavier than the basic models so that may be something to consider as well.

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I have a 22' StarCraft Islander. years ago I wanted to put a 9.9 on as a trolling motor but decided to call the manufacturer (StarCraft) for a suggestion. we spoke about control of speed, steering, fuel consumption and immediate response to unforeseen circumstances. I fish lake O for multiple weeks every year out of Sodus Point. I ended up putting a 25 horse 4 stroke Mercury on and it was the best decision I made. If at all possible try getting a ride on a similar boat with a small kicker. check with the manufacturer of your 24'. It cost nothing to get there advice.

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I had a 25ft walkaround with a 9.9 Yamaha high thrust and it pushed the boat just fine up to around 3 footers.what ever size you go with,i would recommend a 4-stroke,smooth running,quiet,and no fumes or smoke.also,with a 4-stroke,you can put a control king on it to control your speed,way better then a control box and cables.

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I actually just got home from pricing a kicker motor. I priced Suzuki because that is what my main motor is.and the Suzuki's are fuel injected.I have owned 3 Suzies and love them

Weight on a 9.9, 15, and 20 is the same. The 15 is not available with remote ( no idea why )

The installed price with controls and steering link was only $600 more for the 20 than the 9.9.

I troll for muskies and I think the 9.9 would be maxed at WOT at some of my trolling speeds.

My only concern is them getting twice the HP out of the same engine is that an issue?

The dealer who I've dealt with for over 20 years told me If I wait for the boat show in January I would get a 6 year waranty rather than 3. ( I think he is busy with sleds )

The 20 was 4750 installed Canadian Peso's

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