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Changing from cable to braid on my riggers. Thoughts & Suggestions?

DJ 17

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On 12/13/2016 at 2:55 PM, TyeeTanic said:

Haven't used braid.  Don't know if fleas will stick to that large of a diameter, but they might, and if they do, you might end up with a pretty big ball at the head of the pully. Not sure if the rigger would cut through them.


Why are you looking at braid instead of cable? I saw some good listings for high country strings but I just wasnt sure if they would all fit my bow


My other concern with braid would be if you bottom out your rigger, it can likely be sliced by mussels at the bottom of the lake.

Nice to use the overhand knot in tag end. It goes much smoother that way.

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