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I thought you might like to see this!


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I was commissioned to recreate the world record Smallmouth bass, here is my rendition! Stats: 27" long, 21 1/2" girth and 11 1/2 lbs caught in 1955 in Dale hollow reservoir Kentucky.


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It is so big it looks fake,that sounds kinda weird, like a jack alope. But really nice job!

It's not real, lol.

It is the proper dimensions for the world record to the T.

Not sure what the jackalope comparison is all about, lol!

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That is beautifully done and a beast of a fish. The reaction I got when I first saw it was Wow it 2x the the size of anything I ever saw and 4x bigger then anything I caught. My buddy said it's like when you see a well endowed woman you have to think are they real? The Salmon river fish hatchery has some monster record fish on display and had the same feeling about those. The jackalope is almost as shocking but that is not real. Someone was very creative or tipsey when they made that.

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