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Autopilot for my Islander


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Do not be afraid of the expense of changing over to hydraulic steering, most of the needed parts are craigs list most of the time (except for the hoses) Once you use the hydraulic system with auto pilot you will love it. But remember that an autopilot is only great for quiet water. In sloppy water, it will correct after the boat changes course and often the end result is a zigzag course.

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Not to hijack this but...... why would an auto pilot burn out if made for a cable steer??

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Because when trolling, (using a kicker) the main is off, there isn't power to the steering as most are power assisted cable, so the auto pilot has to turn the main, and the kicker manually, and its alot for the auto pilots.  If is just cable with no power assist its still hard enough so that it wears heavy on the auto pilot. That's why so many quit making them as they couldn't keep them from burning out.

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