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bait fish die off in the oswego river


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seems to be alot of dead or dieing bait fish in the river this year! I belive them to be gizzard shad around 3" to 4" long but some are much larger. i could be wrong about them being shad. wondering if anyone knew more information on this. it seems very odd and concerning. only ones that seem to be benifiting are the seagulls. thank you for your time

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Probably Gizzard Shad.  Place a call to the DEC to report die-off and they will investigate.  Hopefully not chemical.  Typically, Gizzard Shad fall prey to disease from stress of cold water conditions.  We are at the northern extent of their range.  They are also carriers of VHS virus and with the stress of the cold, the virus takes over and overwhelms their bodies.  

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