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once the ice is gone...

Yankee Troller

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For me at first ice out I will take the bass boat and clobber the perch on I bay. At the same time I will usually venture out into the Lake and cast for Browns around tribs with jerkbaits. These are fun on bass tackle. Once the end of April hits Im in Salmon mode!

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At first ice-out I head up the swamp to nail the bullhead at night and tool around the bays for perch during the day. Once the channel is clear in Port Bay we're huggin' the shoreline for browns and stealies early then venture deeper for whatever we can find.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting pretty ancy!! :?

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We will be in the Irondequiot bay trolling for browns and rainbows with planar boards, perhaps off the genny and Sandy creek in shallow trolling for browns.

Once it warms up a bit, end of april, beginning of may, we will start to move to deeper water.

Almost all the time we run J-7 up to j-11 rapalas at the beginning of the year. Occasionally we throw in a few other hard bodied baits but rapalas are our 'go to ' lure in the spring.

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