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Tying a flouro leader to braid (casting)

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Back to the topic...Even though my son used this knot all season im leary of change, especially with knots. Last night I tied up three setups with 6 to 8 foot leaders to test the FG knot. We drove through a whiteout to Otisco and when we walked out on the causeway at 530 it was howling. Lake is only down inches now and the waves were going over the concrete. 3 of us fished a couple hours to no avail. I was fishing with gloves and had an inadvertent bail flip trying to really cast into the wind and I'm thrilled that with the extra long leader there is enough cushion. We didn't cast a single lure off. Normally with bigger sticks if you throw them hard on braid with a short leader and anything goes wrong it's snap! The long leader isn't necessary to catch fish, but when fighting fish some line stretch always helps so I'm optimistic about this setup for next season.

Justin Okrepki

NYSDEC licensed guide #7324



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I have found using a double uni knot with lighter leaders 6-20# 7 wraps minimum on the. Raid is required less allows the braid to cut the leader also still use 7+ on braid with heavier leader but resort to 3-5 wraps on 30-50# leader as it is not so pliable

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For walleyes I run bottom bouncers on 20lb braid to a 36"length of 20 lb Seaguar blue label for zebra protection. Double uni, being careful to have winds lay next to each other on the floro, with a nice close snip,, slides through the guides respectfully.


That Seaguar is a very nice product, and in my opinion, worth the extra cost.

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