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Pike Hunter

Black Marlin Fishing, Cairns, Australia

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Black Marlin Fishing, Cairns, Australia


In a nutshell, this is a trip of a lifetime for all fishermen as Australia is home to one of the best of Black Marlin fishing on the planet. Last October,  I went with five guys  for two weeks of fishing for the black marlin along the Great Barrier Reef between Cairns and Lizard Island.  The GBR is about 1,300 miles long.  We stayed  on a live board ship, Beluga http://www.beluga-x.com.au/   and fished on one of the two charters boats with captains Corey Hard http://www.hardcoregamefishing.com.au/ &  Sharky Miles http://www.marlin4miles.com.au/


In a period of two weeks, we have caught and released 28 black marlins which comes to an average of one marlin per day per boat! The biggest was about 900 lbs. I was lucky to fight a fish with 750 lbs of meat. The holy grail for marlin fisherman is landing a 1,000 lbs plus black marlin. The blokes called a one thousand lbs plus fish a "Grander". One  of my buddies have caught six granders over 15  years of fishing among the group. These boys have fished the  same waters for a very long time as I was very fortunate to join them.


They do everything different down there. Fishing for live baits in the morning and troll for the marlins after 12 pm. Unlike in our lake, the early morning bites does not apply to Australian at all. Trolling for the black marlins begin after 12 pm and ends at six pm. Some days, one boat did not catch fish while the other landed multiple bites.


Word to wise, if you are going to travel on a non stop trip for 14  hours from LAX to Sydney with connecting flight for 4 hours to  Cairns, it is good idea to spend at least a week of chartering on a boat with your best friends.


I will post pictures in the fishing pictures section.


Please feel free to send me pm for tips in case you make the long journey to the land of the down under. I have added links for your convenience and I am not financially associated with these links.








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