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sandy creek 7-19 am

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spent the morning working 150-170 fow west of the creek. real good screen 40-60' down ,which was way out of temp, with good hooks and some bait. first fish of the day came on the 10 color leadcore w/ redheaded silverbullet , nice aerial steelie about 8#. we continued to work the same area (in circles) for the next couple of ours and boated a few more. we lost a screamer who took about 3/4 of the spool, in 1 run, off a downrigger rod before snapping off. needless to say, that sucked, he was a big guy. about 800 the fishing turned off till about 930 when it picked up again. ended the day 11 for 13 w/ 2 steelies and the rest were kings. kings 15-24# and the steelies 8-10#. it was nice to fight some quality fish in numbers finally. leadcore and jpug took 1 fish and green on white sd and fly 150' out went four times. the rest of the fish came on a mix of spoons off the riggers 35-77' down- stinger nbk, green glow nk, irish car bomb, super spook, chart/ purple nk




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