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Buck tail jigs


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On 1/11/2017 at 6:57 AM, jusgrinnin said:

Buck tail jigs

I've been tying trolling streamers for a bunch of years and a friend asked if I could tie some hair jigs for ice fishing, targeting perch and crappie.

Any pointers greatly appreciated.

1/16-1\4 oz Jighead's. Some skirts I would keep short if the angler want to put bait or say a twister tail on it. That way hairs don't interfere with action. You would also need to ask your friend what species of baitfish there are in the waters he fishes, and what colors have worked for him. From what I know white chartreuse brown green are decent colors. But a lot depends on water clarity, depth of water, and species. Try searching utube as well

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