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Musky inc meeting monday

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He everyone, just a reminder that our club has an important meeting monday to elect officers. Even if you don't want to run or take a position, we need your votes. Please come to the Moose lodge in henrietta Monday at 7pm to make this count! Thanks and happy new years!1484225189562.jpg.5a4bf95768b773beefa59c

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Zach, did you get the email for the November meeting? We did elections at the November meeting. Below is a copy of an email I sent out to the membership on Nov 16th.The current officers were all willing to go another year and there were no new nominations. Also I just sent out an email for the meeting this Monday.


Sorry for the short notice. This coming Monday, November 21st is the final membership meeting of the year. The meeting is at the Henrietta Moose Lodge at 7pm.
Zach Baker's award:
Back in April at the Banquet, we voted for the Mark Troy Memorial award and Zach Baker was voted, almost unanimously, to be the recipient. Unfortunately there have been some delays in having the award made. That is currently being rectified and Jim should have it for the meeting on Monday to present to Zach. We have been discussing changing the name of the award for some time. Jim and I recently just came up with a new name for the award that better describes the meaning and purpose of the award. We decided to call it the "Outstanding Member of the Year" award.
We will be having nominations and elections for Officers and board members. For anyone who wishes to be nominated for a board position or an officer position, please contact me or Jim Reynolds and/or come to the meeting to get your name up for nomination. Also, for anyone who wants to contribute as and be named for nomination for a new board position, or you would like to contribute your time in another way, this will be a good time to bring it up. Your support can be very helpful to grow the chapter. You can reach me at XXX-XXX-XXXX and Jim at XXX-XXX-XXXX.
There will be no guest speaker so we will just have an open fishing forum. So bring your questions and concerns or news and interesting topics for discussion. And bring you pics and stories from this season's adventures.
The season is winding down fast. I hope you have all had quality time on the water this year and some successful C&Rs.
If you are not fishing or doing anything else on Monday, please join us at the meeting.
Stephen Glassic
VP, Muskies Inc. New York Chapter 69
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