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Canandaigua Weed and Flea Report

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July 19 Saturday

Hot sunny, more fleas than I have ever seen

ran out the North end to mid way point set up and head south,

not a touch more weeds and fleas than marks,

On a positive note the new boat runs great

and we had a blast swimming of the back cuz we were so hot.

Sunday south end

rain falling around 5:00 am

very flat water, again lots and lots of weeds floating and submerged

fouling dipsies and rigger cables, rain off and on,

we did get 2 good eating lakers on alewife pattern

mag NK off riggers at 45'- 65' on east side north of white rock

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You got that right! Weed piles everywhere and the fleas are thicker than ever. Trout bite has been real slow on the north end. We did get two nice ones about 7lbs each on Friday down about 130 over 200 on the Hemlock spinners. Just got back from the pro-am in Sodus a couple hours ago. Fished the last 5 days in a row..... time for some sleep!

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Great to see a post from you FLX. That spot off white rock still holds a few lakers. That was about the only clean run I can find in there this time of year.

Good luck with the new rig, it won't be long before it sees some big lakers..

I gotta rot one more summer with the little trouthunter then a bigger ride myself... see ya chris

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