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 last i talked to victor town assessor they were having issues with the way the wanted to route the road for it and getting some stuff straightened out with all the business that are suppose to go in.  

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Thanks for the update - been wondering what was happening with that.


Cabelas was going to put a big store in down here and the town decided that their war on tall oversized signs was better for the town than all the $$ that Cabelas would bring in.  Of course Cabelas walked away from that ridiculousness.  Nothing was grandfathered in either.  They made Churches take down there signs in front because they were deemed too big.  Point being that Corporate people can be swayed away easier than they can be wooed in.  A secondary point is to not overreact to minor things.


It does seem that the Environmental aspect in this state is lacking in efficiency.  I could make an argument that Cuomo is punishing those who didn't vote for him but we have a hotel down here that was held up because of soil testing for a very long time and to the best of my knowledge is not political for the city or the state.  (Seemingly)The only corp that gets a pass with environmental delays is Walmart.  They can build in any wetland they want.  I think Cuomo should speed this up if he wants new development in this state.

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OOH YA, BS, it's all about whosever going to grease the back pocket. I had relation that owned a great piece of property on RT 209 they wanted to put a convenient store and gas station there. There's no gas station within 7 miles of my house, yet they were shut down, year after year. After many year of the word NO NO NO, they sold the property. 2 years later they're breaking ground, HMM wonder what's happening here now? Wouldn't you know a brown sandland no English speaking family is putting in a ----////----yup gas station, low interest government loan, no tax paying on capital gain for 7 years. Now the whole family lives upstairs of the convenient mart, with son in law taking it over next year. It will be going on 7 years now. The two older ones just got back from their homeland after several weeks. They took the U.S. Money overseas, and now they're living in  

comfort!!  America what a great country!! If your from another???  He's has the highest priced gas in the area, yet the dumbass people support him by getting fuel there, and the highest prices on chew, and candy for the kids. I'll drive the 7 miles to turkey hill, cheapest on fuel plus a .03 off a gallon with your points card.

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