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LOTSA School and Niagra Fishing Show


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LOTSA School and Niagra Fishing Show

   'Just returned home from the Greater Niagra Fishing Show and the LOTSA Salmon School.  Once again, both events were top notch.

The Show continues to grow each year while maintaining the character of a true fishing exhibition.  There was a great mix of local and regional

vendors with products and services on all aspects of Great Lakes angling. The seminars that I attended were very informative and well

presented, (the number of seminars and the variety of topics is incredible for a show still in it's infancy).

   The LOTSA school was terrific.  The instructors were well prepared and used their considerable knowledge and experience to keep the

presentation moving, which allowed for a great amount of information to be covered in a relatively short time frame.  The presenters

had a good chemistry and effectively passed along their enthusiasm along with their "secrets for success". 

   My thanks go out to Joe Yeager, Tim Broumond, all of the LOTSA volunteers, as well as, Bill Hilts and his team for an outstanding weekend.

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Thanks for the positive review of the "Salmon School" seminar on Sat and entire LOTSA show.  Bob, Russell and myself spent an incredible amount of time preparing this Power Point presentation. Took a 650 mile trip one way THREW CHICAGO !!!!!!  to Sheboygan Wisconsin/Lake Michigan to meet/see his Anglers Avenue store and work with Russell  ( P.S. everything I saw at Anglers Avenue is online + more). 

I actually could not get in my entire presentation in, even at that pace. I enjoyed the amount of people that came up to ask questions during lunch-the 2 breaks and in the hall ways. I do admit that I am NOT a well "polished speaker'  But I honestly tried to give everyone there something they could take back with them and use with CONFIDENCE in their part of the lake.


I want to thank Joe Yeager and Tim Brummond ++++ LOTSA staff for the organization and guidance to really make this happen .

Thanks to Bill Hilts /staff and his wife for the effort and TIME spent that I saw all during the show.


FINALY   Bob Songin and Russell Gahagan were great Presenters-and teachers/friends to me, and I want to thank them again. This was a true seminar by 3 different CONFIDENT fisherman presenting ways to similar programs in a good chemistry atmosphere.

THANK YOU to everyone that attended.


Capt. Jerry Felluca


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Jerry, Bob and Russell,


You all did a great job and worked together great.  I left the class with some new things I will definitely be trying on this season.  I really appreciate the way the handouts where done and that made life much easier just being able to add notes.   The great thing is now matter how different you guys run things on your boat you hammered home what I have always been told, that how close you pay attention to the details, no matter what your program is, will lead to your success.  The "different ways work and catch fish" is a great thing for all of to remember,.  We don't need to try to imitate someone else's program but look for success patterns in our own and duplicate those.  Thanks for the time and effort you all put in to making it a great class.



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This was my 3rd year attending both the school and the show.  It's amazing how it's growing.  Hat's off to LOTSA and all volunteers involved with this event.  LOTSA is hands down the best club I've ever been a part of. 


Jerry, Bob, and Russell were outstanding.  Their passion for the sport was obvious throughout the class.


Lance Valentine's sonar class was also a "must attend" event.  It was eye opening to say the least. 


Great job LOTSA. 





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It was a fantastic time and opportunity for me share some of my experiences with all the attendees. I thought the 3 different approaches charter captain, captain/tourney guy and tourney guy/fun fisherman myself really worked well. The Great Niagara Fishing Expo is a must attend show for any serious salmon/trout fisherman around the Great Lakes. The group next year that teaches the class I am sure will take it to the next level!

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