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Derby Steel


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Caught this 15 pound 13 oz steelhead fishing the last day of the Summer LOC Derby with Bruce B. Story goes like this...we catch this fish @ 12:00 noon and call Bayside to see what time the derby ends ( we both forgot ) I was told on the phone that it ended @ 12 and it was now 12:04 S*&$ was the word of the day. I said to Bruce no I dont think it ends at 12 let me make a phone call...so I call another friend who in turn makes a call........ calls me back and tells me 1 pm.

We were 10+ miles from my dock and another 5 or 6 miles to the weigh station by car.... not to mention the waves we had to drive right into to get back to dock. So I gave the Jerk Boat the near full throttle run back...we made to the weight station with a mere 10 minutes to spare!!!! What a rush I was not sure we would make it back in time!!!!!!!

We were west of I-Bay 10+ miles fishing in 135 FOW...The fish hit the wire dipsey out 185 on a 2.0 setting pulling the dodger and A-TOM-MIK fly..I'm not sure what fly it is, but it fired a few times that day






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Nice Fish Mark!! Congrats again!

That trash can dodger is by far one of my top producers. Has taken more steelhead than kings this year also.

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Nice fish men. Im deducting an ounce for the fly. lol Also another 3 ounces for all the Bruce pistachio shells that may have slipped into it's mouth.. Sweet looking fish

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Last minute excitement..YAHOOooo!...way to blow the carbon out..and some sweat, WHEW!....WHAT A RUSH..I CAN FEEL IT all the way down here in the Louisville office! Way to go Mark...NICE FISH 8)

skipper.... aka Mark (great name too!)

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Nice story and Congrats on the big steel Mark!! I've done that same type of run twice this year and It's pretty nerve wracking...isn't it 8)

But like you said....a real rush once you make it !! Great job....It's been a great season for you so far!

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