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$/lb for salmon?


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$/lb for salmon?

"Salmon prices surge as parasites plague fish farms"




Wild Coho is up to $49/lb,

That's probably still less than it costs me but maybe I can convince my wife that all the money I've spent has actually been a good investment and we're starting to make money?  


I knew that there were issues in the Pacific Northwest with salmon disease and parasites but didn't realize how widespread the problems have become.


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i get the ran around form my wife every time i buy my ny fishing/ hunting lic. any time i buy ammo a lure and gas for the boat . i bring home deer / fish and its all ways the same thing . yeah that cost thousands of dollars .

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Organic chinook salmon?....is that like pen reared salmon?
Wow!....sockeye would be cool!...I could almost justify my expenses to fish Lake O!...look honey! The freezer is full of 35 dollar a pound sockeye salmon!....A down payment on a new boats worth!

cent frum my notso smartphone

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Organic salmon - WTF right?


Her ya go...

Creative Salmon is proud to be the first salmon farming company in North America to achieve organic certification. As a founding member of the Pacific Organic Seafood Association we have been following sustainable farming techniques for many years and achieving this certification was the natural next step.

Our practices include:

  • Raising only a Pacific species of fish in the Pacific Ocean.
  • No use of genetically modified organisms or growth-promoting hormones.
  • A natural diet sourced only from fisheries that conform to the standards and principles contained in the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries. Creative Salmon’s fish are fed a diet primarily consisting of fish meal, fish oil, and certified organic wheat as a binder.
  • No use of antibiotics in our market fish. Because Chinook salmon are indigenous to our area, and through good husbandry practices, they remain healthy without the use of antibiotics. We have not treated our market fish with antibiotics since 2001.
  • Handling our fish as little as possible to minimize stress and possible mortality. Instead of handling, we monitor our fish with underwater cameras and generally don’t touch them between smolt stage and harvest.
  • Providing our fish with a low density environment. To qualify as organic, our farm-raised salmon must have about twice the space as on conventional farms. Our fish occupy less than 1% of the volume of their pens at maximum density, which occurs only during the 2 to 3 months prior to harvest.
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