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Engage lever for an old auto pilot

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Does anyone have an old king marine auto pilot for parts that may have been on a boat you might have purchased or refurbished? My handle or engage lever broke last year and I had bigger problems to worry about getting the motor running properly. This year I'd like to fix the lever prior to splash down. Overall the auto pilot is just a glorified steering wheel lock so I'm not going in circles when we are netting fish. Hope to have a legit auto pilot in the next season or two but for now I'd like to get this taken care of. I did call the original owner of the company last year and he said he had maybe a handle or two laying around but he wanted top dollar for what is a cheap plastic part. If I can avoid going that route I will try and do so.


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I have a complete AP2000 that stopped working because of an electrical issue.  I would rather sell the whole thing together rather than part it out. Everything is there including all the adaptor plates.

Make me a reasonable offer for the whole thing.

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