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Favorite plugs?


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I was hoping that this was going to get around to j-plugs, cut plugs, etc.  What was once a go-to bait is now a late fall afterthought, why ?  I'd like to hear if plugs are finding their way back into the mix and when and how they are being

used. ( I have noticed that the teams on Salmon Showdown seem to use them more often than we do.)

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The Cut Plug and Green Glow Black Ladder Back. They worked 30+ years ago and still work for late season kings. I will also stack a #3 or run one off a dipsey now and then when I'm on kings. 

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I like # 3 & # 4 Jplugs,tiger plugs , And some old #3 canadian plugs ( J plug type with single treble attached. ) I redo the hook harnesses w #65 braid and use size 1 on 3's  and 1/0 on 4's ls374 trebs .


 I use them almost exclusivly after labor day for staging fish  in my small boat. Off riggers 25-150' back .

I run 1 or 2  and that's it. 


I like the old glo green flouresent  w/ or W/o ladderback, silver bullet , cut plug ,and my first thing in the morning hands down favorite pearl white  red head w/ black dots. I have a gold one that catches fish when nothing else works, a watermelon that has its days also a jet black w/ purple ladder back and others I painted . Found at least half of them floating. 


I have had days over the past 10 years where I alone have boated 7-8 kings by 8 am. This past year I went out 7 times and had 1 on, so go figure. 










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