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Life of Trolling Flies - when do you replace it?

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Question - how often do you replace your trolling flies? I run Atomik trolling flies.

I ve been fishing the past week and I had very little success with getting the fish to hook up on my lures. I have seen numerous fish come to the lure but no bite.

I am starting to wonder if I have passed the useful life of the trolling flies. I do check on the hooks and every seem to be in place. The flies seem to be a little wrinkled unlike when you first got it out of the box.

Do you replace the trolling flies after three or five hook ups?


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Pike Hunter,

I run them until they stop catching fish. The At-Tom-Mik flies are good for a long time. I have a couple that are a couple of years old and are really beat up but still produce. Always keep your hooks razor sharp. I will hit them with a file if they are not super sharp.

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