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winter, open water, black and gold


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the pictures above were different days, the crappie were taken in 4' of water

on white trout magnets, and white and silver bass asassins  on lite jigs.


the perch, we caught a lot of shorts this day as well, 30' of water, I usually dont use minnows

 but this day we had some , super lite bite ,and there was definately a preference that changed

 by the hour.  I had weight on the bottom, one hook up 8" another up about 15" mixed up combinations till we got em to go, minnows only for a while , then plastics, then only plastics with wax worms, and then back to minnows.

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Nothing like that great feeling of the tick tick of your line and then the bobber being slammed under the surface with one of those aggressive critters on the other end :lol:

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