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Lowrance app for tablets

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Finding a tablet you can see in the daylight without glare is hard to do. Have mine on a 10 inch ACER and getting a view without glare is tough. It will work but find one that has the brightest screen intensity.

cent frum my notso smartphone

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On 15/02/2017 at 6:32 AM, Some1outhere said:


Just wondering if any one has used this app. Thinking about getting a tablet and linking to my Gen 2 touch, so I can see and control the unit from the back. Just wondering what everyone thought of it.


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I just read you're post a 2nd time and if you want to do this with a Gen-2 you need the gofree box to get wifi.

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39 minutes ago, RodBuster said:

Just a heads up that it wont allow you to control the lowrance autopilot. They don't tell you that in their advertisements.I am pretty disappointed.

GoFree can be used by several people onboard at the same time so I assume the autopilot control is disabled to make sure someone not at the helm taking control of the boat. Safety. If you turn on the autopilot via Wifi then the connection drops out, you realise you're heading straight for another boat/rock/swimmer and you're at the wrong end of the boat.

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That argument doesn't hold any water to me.

First I can go buy a wireless handheld remote which is essentially the same thing as me running it remotely from my smart phone.

Second I can put it on autopilot from the helm and walk away (which everyone does!)

Third it would be simple to put lockout or password protection in the software.


We already have too many built in lawyers in this world.

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