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for sale : usa Hunting Land Lease Wanted!

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Hunting Land Lease Wanted!

Hey guys, 


I am looking for a lease spot on a property hopefully within an hour of Rochester. I want to get this done early so I can have time to prep and scout, etc. 


I am 26 but I have been hunting for 10 years and I am EXTREMELY conscientious of my hunting practices. I don't do drives, I am strict on scent control and I do not shoot immature deer. I adhere to every landowner regulation and would be more than happy to text the landowner as I come and go. I am a very serious hunter and I also show the utmost respect for every landowner wish. 


If you would like to sit down and get to know me, then I would be happy to grab a cup of coffee and chat. 


I am am looking for something fairly reliable from season to season so can I get patterns down and chase the big boys. 


Please text/call me me if you have something available and we can work out details. 585-943-33zerofive


Thank you for the consideration!



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If it's only you looking for a piece of property to hunt I would look at base camp leasing they have some smaller pieces in the area your looking that would probably work for one person. Good luck 

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