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Braved the north wind today and pulled out of the harbor around 730 directly into a stiff north wind. Worst place was between the pier heads with legit 4 footers bouncing off the piers. Once clear of the harbor we headed east as the wind soon turned northeast. Only had 4 rods out when we doubled up on 2 small browns, one 3lbs. the other 6lbs. One on a silver and blue Rapala the other on a perch Rapla.


Unfortunately while working the double both on the starboard side of the boat we didn't notice the dog leash attached to the planer line to stack the releases had wrapped around one of the rods on the port side. With the waves the planers were bouncing pretty good and when we finished netting the double we turned around and the rod and reel were gone. Donated to the fish Gods!!!! If anyone snags a nice green Daiiwa rod with a Convector20LC towing a fire tiger Rapala Enjoy!!!


The wind picked up and we decided to pull lines and make a run back to harbor. After a slow boat ride back to the mouth the wind settled a little so we decided to set up and give it another troll with the wind. Picked up three more on perch and black and gold.


Not a bad day considering the wind and it's always nice to get bonus time on the water in February. All except the rod and reel donation.



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