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Yamalube Oil Change Kit Price Question for F 150


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Yamalube Oil Change Kit Price Question for F 150

$81.50 on Amazon.


This seems like a lot of money to me for 6 quarts of oil, an oil filter and some gaskets.


Any other options? Is the Yamaha oil worth the extra $.


I also need a kit for my T9 kicker.


Also would like to know what to buy to service the lower unit.



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I had an F-200 and I ran fully synthetic in it (can't remember the weight of the oil it used) but it was close to $10 per quart.  Filters are around $15 so it's not that far out of line although I don't think the Yamalube is synthetic.  You can run whatever you want in it and probably do an oil change for around half that or even less - I'm not saying you should though.  Just because wally world has wolfs head motor oil on sale for $1.99 a quart and you can buy off brand filters to save a few bucks too doesn't mean its a good idea.  Bottom line is you have a motor worth around 13K and in all likelihood you probably can't rebuild it yourself it if fails catastrophically - I would run the best filters and best oil you can.  Your kicker probably doesn't have a filter - just change oil and again use the good stuff.  Lower unit is easy to deal with too - get the correct fitting to pump new lower unit fluid in and it's just as easy as an oil change.   

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Thanks for the reply and the good info. The Yamaha oil was 10W-40 PWC. Too bad I didn't read your reply a little sooner. I just spent 15 minutes looking all over my kicker looking for the oil filter. I agree with buying good stuff and that is what I will do.





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I have twin 2006 Yamaha F150's on my boat. I have over 1300 hours on each engine( bought the boat with approx 130 hours each in spring of 2008). I have used Mobile one high mileage full synthetic 10W30 since day one. The high mileage formula has a few extra additives that are  supposed to be good for the outboard application. Just remember that Yamaha is not in the oil making business, they contract it out to their specs. From my understanding the Mobile One I use exceeds those specs. A five quart jug from Wallyworld will run you around $24 or so. I am also going to give you a filter list for whats easiest to pick up locally for you: They are as follows:

Alternatives Yamaha F150 Filters:

Purolator PureOne: PL-10241

Purolator Premium Plus: L-10241

Hastings: LF-494

Baldwin: B-1405

WIX  51348

K&N: HP1002

Mobil-1: M1-102

Sierra Marine: 18-7906

Fram PH 3512

I did a bunch of research and have been using the Purolator Pure One filters. I think they do a great job and are readily available at Advanced, Autozone ect.


I have been using this Lucas Marine Full synthetic gear lube. Here is a link on Amazon to what I have been using, But shop around, you can usually find a better deal if you look a little:



And if you ever need to do your water pump  I have found you can get away with up to 3 years in fresh water. I usually go every 2 just to be on the safe side. Here is a listing for the basic service kit for your engine:




SIM marine is a great place to deal with and their service is excellent. Andy Jr runs the place and even lent me a special tool to remove the caps on one of my trim motors when I had to replace a seal. 


The above is the stuff I use and have over 2600 hours of real world use to attest to. Hope this helps you out. Take care.



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