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Right or Left Hand?


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Just curious what you guys use on your baitcasters. I'm left handed, and use both left handed reels on spinning and casting. I've considered trying to become "fluent" with both hands, as it seems like everywhere is always sold out of left handed reels.

What do you guys use? Anyone try switching over?



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I use both and taught my son from day 1 to fish both. You may not believe it at your age, but a day will come when shoulders, elbows, and hands ache and cramp up when fishing and switching from left to right or vice versa makes the day enjoyable. Reduces fatigue dramatically. On the tournament bass scene you fish long days a and day after day.

Justin Okrepki
NYSDEC licensed guide #7324

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I'v was born lefty and as a baby (1966) my strong German background family except my dad, he was Pennsylvania Dutch,everything  I did with my left they put my toys in my right hand. I'll never forget my 3rd grade teacher, if you wrote with your left hand you got a smack with the ruler as she walked through the classroom. Later in life I found out that this type behavior by my elders screwed with my brain. It's called cross channeling. Trust me that isn't the only reason I'm a few cans shy of a six pack. BUT when the company we all know so well for fishing reels, Shimano came out with the ambidextrous fishing reel, the reel I loved to use was the spirex 2000, that reel I litterly wore out. They made it so the quick fire was useable also. I still have a 2000 & 4000. After I got into trolling I didn't notice the the right handed retrieve to be that much of a pita. One thing for sure they don't give us south paw guys much consideration??:swear::headbang:

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