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Erie Walleye Report

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Spent most of last week trolling for Erie eyes out of Barcelona. A few days got a bit "bumpy", but we were able to get out every day for a change. The baitfish were scattered and so were the walleyes. Never actually developed a "pattern", but managed to catch around 40 eyes ranging from 4 to 9 pounds. Not one of our most productive trips, but I'm not complaining. For a change, the downriggers worked as well or better than any method. Sure is nice pulling in just a fish.. no boards or weight to remove.. no dipsy or jet pulling back.. no heavy, mushy leadcore.. just fish. A mix of harnesses and Renowski's worked. 35 to 45 down over 80 to 85 seemed best, but we did ok in 65.. and the bigger fish were over 120 feet. The shallows also produced the most trash fish of course. Be back out in a few weeks to try some more. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)

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