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raymarine A Series


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I have a a98 that I got new last year, couldnt get the maps to work even after 2 new cards sent to me. 

I also cant mark anything over 10 mph,  I know, move the transducer... done that many times..  I dont like it and am thinking of taking it back off... I am glad I left my lowrance hds-8 on also, I used it for the map...


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I Have talked with the raymarine tech and they tell me to move the transducer again,   also the maps were suppose to have a one ft. contour lines and i could not get hardly any contours,  they told me it was in the settings but after several times trying to find them, I quit and just used my hds-8..  I thought of a thru hull ducer but I trailer and also they dont have a chirp thru ducer..  I am looking at the lowrance or humming bird units and may yank this off.. just frustrated with it,  i never had to move a transducer so many times and this is my fourth boat...I can say it was nice for connecting to my autopilot, and i did like the touch screen..

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