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Daiwa sealines and leadcore


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Daiwa sealines and leadcore

Hi. New to leadcore fishing and was getting some new gear for walleye and was gonna try my first time for salmon this year and was curious how much backer to use. These are the setups I was thinking about making all with sufix performance 27lb leadcore and 30lb power pro for backer. I have 3 spools of leadcore and 1500 yds power pro. Thanks!

Sealine 57 / 10 color

Sealine 47/ 8 color not sure cap enough or if I'd have to make a 7 color?

Sealine 47/ 6 color

Sealine 47/ 4 color

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I had a 5 and 6 on Sealine SG47LCA last year.  I had to thumb the line on multiple occasions to prevent from getting spooled.  


The 47 capacity is 40/480 for braid

I have since switched to the newer 50 SLW and the are 40/830 for braid.  

For my 7 and 8 I always ran a 50 SLW and never had an issue.
For my 10s I run micro leadcore so cant really compare but the 57 is fine.



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