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June 10th Chautauqua, Chapter 69 tourney

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We noticed the same thing Zach.  Casting bite looked good but we couldn't move a rod trolling.   Kinda strange based on my previous years experience when we would typically do much better trolling early in the season.  87 participants is an incredible turn-out for the tournament.  Nice job!  Had we not had boat issues, you would have had two more to that total.  You and Bob deserve a lot of credit for making the event the success it was.  :yes:


Here is the one fish we got casting Friday before switching to trolling and washing lures the rest of the day.



The lake overall looks in great shape; plenty of bait out there and some big fish.  We have seen some really nice walleyes this year and the perch schools boiling on the surface during the evenings has been cool to watch.  Best of luck to everyone the rest of the season.  



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I also want to mention that 3/4 of this year's spring Chautauqua fish I've seen have big 2"-3" open wounds on em.


I'm not the most knowledgeable person but to me- they look more than just spawning scars n I was speaking with Todd Young and Ivan about their opinion on if we r on the verge of another red spot year.


Most fish have wounds on just one side which makes me think they r not spawning scars, I'd imagine another fish spawning would nip sides of another fish at a 50/50 ratio but as metioned, I am FAR, FAR, FAR away from being knowledge about this subject and Im just an observer.


Didnt even wanna put my hands on this poor thing.

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From what I saw on Lake Erie United, The first place team who also won the Big Fish pool had a 48.5", 43" and 40" fish. I think they may have all been casting fish. Does anyone know?


Zach or solgrande, do you have info on what 2nd and 3rd teams caught?

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my partner backed out for this weekends Chautaqua showdown!!!

Anyone looking for a partner or have any space on their boat??

Ive got an ok boat if needed-been in the tourney since 2011- hate to miss it but...

Respond here i'll be in touch



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